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Beauty In Christ.

The Proverbs 31:10-31 woman is a model of a woman who lives a godly life. It is practical advice given by a mother to her single son about what to look for in a future wife. Therefore, it is advice for single women as well as married women. I was single for …

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How To Protect Your Eyes

Vision is one of your most important faculties, so you should be mindful about protecting your eyes. Below are tips to guide you; Shielding Your Eyes with good-quality sunglasses. To ensure full UV protection, make sure that your sunglasses fit properly. Read the label and look for glasses that block …

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Health Benefits Of Salad Greens

Natural is real and healthy. Avoid garnishing salad and stick to the natural salad greens and live healthy. Spring’s rebirth of greens means you can put in-season salads back on the menu and reap their many health benefits Build your bones Spinach, radicchio and watercress may not immediately come to …

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How to Sleep Comfortably

The nature of our sleep results in our daily activity.Try adjusting the environment around your bed as well as your evening activities, and you should notice a significant improvement. If your sleep is disrupted by heavy snoring, chronic insomnia, or severe anxiety, these methods can still help to a degree, …

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BEAUTY TIPS By Greenorange Beauty Cabin!

AVOID HEAVY POWDER! Do you use Face Powder every day? Avoid heavy powder! Heavy powder has the tendency to make your face look cakey and overly pronounces your makeup, which we all want to avoid! So ladies, let’s keep it light. #GreenOrange #Beauty360 Written by: Greenorange Beauty Cabin greenorangegh@gmail.com

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