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[POEM] Cush!

Odysseys alive in narration! Liberation song! Melodies of our ancestors Upon the fiery seas of time, I hear deep within my heart Beneath the billowing seas Lilting and lulling with ships of wickedness Binding fellow men with chains; But not their brave hearts. Unwished appellations in limn, Labeling and tattoos …

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[Poem] The Blood Of Christ

Through blood of sheep, they tried in vain In shame they had to die Eternal life was not to gain The price was far too high Innocent blood would set man free Would cleanse our filth and shame But none could claim God’s royal decree Until Christ Jesus came Christ’s …

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[Poem] God Loves!

The light in my darkness You are my beacon of hope All you take away is pain And all you give is comfort and love You sent your son to die for me I sinned and you forgave me I sin and you forgive me I will sin and you …

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[Poem] Way Of The Cross

Tis important to remember, the holy Standard that was set for us! Its purchase was selflessly made by our beloved Christ Jesus. Upon Calvary, this single sacrifice of Jehovah’s perfect, atoning Lamb completely demonstrates the truest form of Love from our God, the Great I Am. Lord, we may not …

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