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[POEM] My Love Story!

The best virtue is the most excellent way. I also walked this way. I have deeply loved many without fulsome But some replied with much loathsome. Can the heart be truly broken? It may be good or bad to be broken. I have experienced both. We need to skim every …

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[POEM] Unsung Hits!

In gaiety, melancholy, and apathy, Paupers’ hurrying footsteps and sceptred sways, In brevity, strut life’s stage en suite; Making ends meet by pursuit. Above, beneath, and by our sides, We see them throng and business-minded, Failing to bless, accept, and acknowledge; Vanquishing this cherished privilege. Why should worth’s value Be …

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[Poem] I Wish

I wish I may, I wish I might, For something good to come in sight. I wish to see my shinning star, And maybe it will come tonight. And with that star I plan to wish, For all I love to come to me. My hopes and dreams I will …

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A “Yes!” from the heart An acting “Yes!” A resolute “Yes!” This is all that counts. A “Yes!” not marked on the lips A “Yes!” marked by zeal Yet said in wisdom. This “Yes!” is unregrettable. This “Yes!” means “set apart” “I’m now sold out” “Total obedience and self-denial” This …

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[Poem] Fear of Life

I stare at the blank page, Trying to write the thousand and one thoughts running through my mind; As i think to myself, About all that was, All that is and All that will be; Fear takes over my senses, Clouding my thoughts, Fear of the unknown, Fear of life; …

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