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Free From Struggling

Still Life of river rock with Hope in Japanese script and orchid flower

yshuafree I am 36, father of 4 and married  for 5 years. I struggle with paying my bills/work/feelings of worth/doubts. I don’t know why. I work. But what I make is not enough. Sometimes, I have these overwhelming feelings that causes me to get angry with God and lose hope. …

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[Testimony] From Gangster To God


Timothy Rau -JESUS CHRIST IS LORD- FREEDOM… July 2, 2008. My testimony of the amazing Grace and Faithfulness of Jesus Christ, His Saving Power, and how my life was changed forever because of His Love. I grew up in a seemingly normal life, attending Church and being enrolled in Christian …

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[Testimony] God Preserved My Life

Mary Kiganda, right, and Carolyn Ohams, both from the Archdiocese of Washington, sing Aug. 5 during the opening Mass of the Third African National Eucharistic Congress at The Catholic University of America in Washington. The closing Mass of the congress was celebrated Aug. 7. (CNS photo/Leslie E. Kossoff) See AFRICA-CONGRESS-CLOSING Aug. 8, 2016.

On Tuesday 23rd August 2016, I boarded a flight from Washington D.C to Accra. As always, we the passengers casually strolled in and made our way to our seats, largely ignoring most of the safety instructions video. A few minutes into take-off when the pilot had made maximum acceleration and …

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