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[Testimony] A Better Destiny (Brian)

“I was destined to be a drunk,” says Brian. Growing up in a home with parents who drank heavily and a witness and victim of frequent domestic violence, Brian recognizes the many factors in his early life that led him to alcoholism. What Brian only recently realized, however, is that …

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Free From Struggling

yshuafree I am 36, father of 4 and married  for 5 years. I struggle with paying my bills/work/feelings of worth/doubts. I don’t know why. I work. But what I make is not enough. Sometimes, I have these overwhelming feelings that causes me to get angry with God and lose hope. …

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[Testimony] Brittany’s Redemption

Christ took a selfish, fearful girl and turned my life around providing true peace and joy. Thank you Jesus! Before Christ I was a people pleaser. I was considered a “good girl” but my aim was not to Glorify Christ, but myself. I was living in exhaustion trying to please …

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[Testimony] From Gangster To God

Timothy Rau -JESUS CHRIST IS LORD- FREEDOM… July 2, 2008. My testimony of the amazing Grace and Faithfulness of Jesus Christ, His Saving Power, and how my life was changed forever because of His Love. I grew up in a seemingly normal life, attending Church and being enrolled in Christian …

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[Testimony] Why I Believe in Jesus

I didn’t always feel that way. I came to the United States to attend a small state college. I planned to go on to medical school. My first year of college was perfect. I was getting great grades, and I had a girlfriend and lots of friends. And I was …

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