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Today’s Devotion

Seeking Balance

Seeking Balance by myles munroe

August 25 Some people don’t want to focus on a specific goal because they fear their lives might not be well-balanced. They say things such as these: “I don’t really want to go after anything in particular because then I will be closing off other options,” “I don’t want to …

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Are You Committed?

Are you a committed Christian? By Myles Munroe

August 24 I am committed to fulfilling what God gave me birth to do. I resolved years ago that I would look only to God’s Word and the vision He put in my heart to know what I could accomplish. In this way, God’s purposes and principles have determined what …

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The Trap of Wishful Thinking

The Trap of Wishful Thinking by myles munroe

August 23 One reason people aren’t specific about their visions is that they confuse them with mission. Another reason is that they get caught in the trap of wishful thinking. Their dreaming doesn’t go beyond vague ideas of what they would like to do “someday.” Yet dreaming is only the …

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Praise The Lord!! (Thoughts Of A Minstrel)

praise the Lord

23rd Aug, 2016   “The DEAD PRAISE NOT the LORD, neither any that GO DOWN INTO SILENCE. But WE will bless the LORD FROM THIS TIME FORTH and FOR EVERMORE. Praise the LORD.” (Ps. 115:17-18) Praising the lord is something I enjoy doing; whether on my own in my small …

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No Need for Competition

No Need for Competition by myles munroe

August 22 When we truly understand the difference between mission and vision, we are protected from jealousy. One day, while I was talking with a friend who owns the McDonald’s franchise in the Bahamas, the owner of the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise stopped by. I was curious and asked the Kentucky …

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Vision versus Mission

Vision versus Mission by myles munroe

August 21 God is not vague about your life. Therefore, it is essential that you learn the difference between vision and mission. You were designed to be unique and to fulfill a particular purpose.   If you are to carry out this specific purpose, your vision has to be specific. …

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Vision Is Specific

Principles for Understanding Vision by myles munroe

August 20 A vital aspect about true vision is that it is specific. One of the greatest causes of failure among people who are pursuing their visions is that they don’t identify their objective of success.   Suppose I came to you and said, “Let’s meet.” You say, “Okay; where?” …

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Principles of the Nature of Vision

Drawing Out the Vision by myles munroe

August 19 Today, reflect on these principles of the nature of vision: 1.Your purpose is already completed in God.   2.God completed you before He created you.   3.The fact that you were started is proof that you are completed.   4.You were designed to perfectly accomplish your purpose.   …

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Action Steps in Fulfilling Vision

Action Steps in Fulfilling Vision by myles munroe

August 18 The first step to fulfilling your reason for existence is realizing that you have been given a vision. Yet how exactly do you receive, recognize, and activate your vision?   When you understand God is the source of your vision and that He has placed it in your …

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I Need Your Vision, You Need Mine

I Need Your Vision, You Need Mine by myles munroe

August 17 The corporate vision in which your personal vision will ultimately be fulfilled might be that of a company, a church, a nonprofit organization, or even your own family. That is why, when you hear of something that is related to your vision, you should pay attention to it, …

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